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Is it possible to have a scrollbar on an Axis that doesn’t have the Zoom handles?

I have a lot of data(potentially 8 hours of data at 24000 samples per second. I have implemented reading from a binary file based on the visible Range, and so now I have the ability to define an Axis of some length and let the scrollbar define the visible range. The trouble I have is that if I am looking at a section of interest which tends to be only 1-2 minutes of data, the scroll thumb gets covered by the zoom grips, rendering it unusable.

I would like to control the zoom level externally, using my ViewModel, but still maintain the scrollbar functionality.



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So, right after I sent this question, I had an epiphany, and solved it myself. For others who might be interested…

<s:SciChartScrollbar >
        <Style TargetType="s:ScrollbarResizeGrip">
            <Setter Property="Visibility" Value="Collapsed"/>

It works great.

Thanks for nothing :+)


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