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1 vote

i have three Series in a SciChart.js (Community-Version) Surface.
The Legend i added shows me all three of them and their names and checkboxes do hide or show the series.

Here is my problem: Is there a way to hide one Series (a FastCandlestickRenderableSeries) from the Legend? I only want to show the other two Series (FastLinerenderableSeries).

Somethin like a Parameter “showInLegend: false,”? I did not find something like this in the documentation(

Thank you

0 votes

We’d like to customize the look of our legends. We have 4 legends displaying different data, but right now the only thing we can change is the Theme. Is there any way to customize the legend items, like add some icons, change the point marker shape and size, change the check box icon etc…

P.S.: I’m not a trial user. We have an iOS, Android and WPF licenses purchased.

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