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I don’t know if this affects any earlier versions; but the version my app is using is the 5098.

I created a surface with the following modifiers:
– SCIZoomPanModifier
– SCIZoomExtentsModifier
– SCIPinchZoomModifier

On the SCIZoomExtentsModifier I have **SCIDirection2D_XyDirection ** (also tried YDirection alone)
And when you double tap on the display; only the X direction resizes back down to the proper size. The Y direction is 100% ignored.

Seems to have to do with using a SCILogarithmicNumericAxis on the Y axis. I have tried commenting out all settings applied to the SCILogarithmicNumericAxis; and no change in the ability to re-zoom back to normal size. If I use a SCINumericAxis instead; the Y zooms back out properly…

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