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Hi Folks,

Wanted to ensure I’m working in the right direction here. Requirement is to add inline series labels on the plot surface. It’s an awkward requirement at times, but it keeps coming up with because other providers do this sometimes.

I’ve been playing with the examples of using data labels ( ).

This might work. It’s a little strange since I only need to show at most one label per series. So I use the data label provider I assume and have to manually space them along the index range.

The only alternative I’m aware of is the annotations api, which of course is quite robust and probably a little too fancy for this case.

Appreciate any thoughts on the approach here — thanks!

EDIT: Attached very contrived example. The idea is to supply a label to name the series inline (apparently a legend is not sufficient), but in a way that is reasonably useful visually (similar to the spacing capabilities in the data labels api). The text would be some piece of metadata that is derived from the series (or at least has a 1:1 relationship with the series).

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