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If you have multiple axes it appears that the order given isn’t honored on the screen.
If signals A, B, C, D are inserted into a list (inserting each item at the zeroth index) the resulting list is D,C,B,A. The order of the list is ignored and order observed is incorrectly: A,B,C,D. The order of the series/y-axes should reflect the order of the list (not the order in which they were inserted).

The following example has been added which shows this. (Clicking “Insert Signal at beginning” multiple times).

Currently we are using a work-around for which any list change, all signals are removed and re-added in the desired order to get the desired result. This is quite slow and causes flickering and flashing of elements on the screen.

Its been 3 weeks since I’ve heard any response..

  • Andrew
    Thanks for reporting Riley, lol at tag ‘broken’ ! I thought we addressed this in an earlier build of SciChart so I will ask the team.
  • Riley Huddleston
    There have been no updates for months..
  • Andrew
    I’ve investigated this today and we see the problem. It’s a quick fix (one line) but one that has to go through a lot of testing before we can push it into the field as it affects everything. I’ll see what we can do as the axis order should be honoured. Best regards, Andrew
  • Markiyan Kravchuk
    Hi, Riley. The issue is fixed in v5.0.1.11048. I’ve investigated your sample project and it looks that your YAxes is always being added to the end due to specific implementation of DigitalNameAxisPanel which is a new Axes container.
  • Riley Huddleston
    Hey Markiyan. The project should insert at the beginning or the end depending on which button your click. Anyway, I’m glad you guys got to this. Thanks.
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Hi Riley,

We are pleased to report this issue has been fixed in v5.0.1.11048 of SciChart.

You can get it from our NuGet feed, or if you are a source code customer, From Github.

Thank you for reporting, and sorry again about the delay.

Best regards,

  • Riley Huddleston
    Thanks Andrew! I’ll have to integrate once we have a project open.
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