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SciChart v3.2.0 Build 5441 Released


SciChart v3.2.0 Build 5441 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of SciChart v3.2.0 Build 5441!

This release builds on revision 5424 announced last week and includes the full MSI Installer, Examples Suite and updated SciChart Licensing Wizard. In 3-years this is by far our most complex cross-discipline release, so we’re really proud of the team and what they have achieved!

What’s New and Where to Get it

New Features

A full list of the major new features can be found in our article SciChart v3.2 now in BETA.

A full list of minor features and bugs fixed can be found in our Release Notes.

SciChart Custom Overview
Custom Overview
SciChart Centred Axis
SciChart Centred Axis
SciChart Polar Chart
Polar Chart Multi Axis
SciChart Stacked Column Side by Side
Stacked Column Side by Side
SciChart Stacked Column 100%
Stacked Column 100%
SciChart Stacked Mountain 100%
Stacked Mountain 100%
SciChart Stacked Columns (Grouped)
Stacked Columns (Grouped)
SciChart Stacked Mountains
Stacked Mountains
SciChart Polar Charts
Polar Chart
SciChart Custom Theme
Custom Theme
SciChart Spline Line
Spline Line
MSI Installer

The MSI Installer is now available on our downloads page. This includes

  • SciChart v3.2 Examples Suite, with 18 new or updated examples
  • Licensing Wizard – Updated to allow easier and more reliable auto and offline (manual) activation
  • Examples Suite source code
  • Binaries for SciChart WPF/Silverlight v3.2.0.5441
Binaries Only

The DLLs only can be downloaded from our NuGet server. For more details see the Downloads page. Please note you will be required to activate once to develop applications against v3.2, and the licensing wizard is in the MSI Installer.

Online Examples

Want to see the new features without downloading? The Online Silverlight Examples suite has been updated with v3.2. The first update to the online examples in over 1,000 commits! This includes 18 new or updated examples where you can try out latest features, including:

  1. Simple Polar Chart – Demonstrates the new Polar Chart API in a simple, single series example
  2. Dashboard Style Charts – Excel style stacked, grouped column and mountain charts
  3. Dashboard Style Polar Chart – Shows the full range of polar chart options
  4. Stacked Column Chart – Shows vertically stacked columns with labels
  5. Stacked Columns Side by Side – a frequently requested feature, to properly stack (group) columns side by side for sales dashboards
  6. Spline Line Scatter Chart – demonstrating CustomRenderableSeries API to create a spline line
  7. Realtime Polar Chart
  8. Multi Pane Stock Charts – Updated example to include a SciChartOverview (using our new ScrollBar API) below the chart group
  9. Logarithmic YAxis – Updated to demonstrate Logarithmic Base E, or Base 2 charts
  10. Polar Chart with Multiple Axis
  11. Shifted Axis – Demonstrates putting the Axis of SciChart in the centre of the chart
  12. Custom Overview – Demonstrates creating a custom SciChartOverview using our ScrollBar API to view ALL renderable series behind the overview
  13. ScollBars – Demonstrates the new SciChartScrollbar API to add X or YAxis Scrollbars
  14. Oscilloscope – Updated example to display axis in the centre of the chart
  15. Polar Chart Annotations – yes, polar charts support some annotations too!
  16. Create Custom Theme – does what it says on the tin!
  17. Using ThemeManager – Updated to include ScrollBars on X and Y Axis
  18. Xaml Styling – Updated to include ScrollBar styling

We have created a host of new FAQs and documentation to cover the new features in SciChart v3.2! Take a look at the list below.

  1. Stack Columns Vertically, Horizontally and 100%
  2. Scrollbars API
  3. Polar Charts API
  4. Custom Theme API
  5. How to Center an Axis on the Chart
  6. CustomRenderableSeries API Overview – creating your own custom renderable series
  7. Creating a Custom Spline Line RenderableSeries – uses the CustomRenderableSeries API to create a Spline Line
  8. Rollover Tooltip Templating – an in-depth look at the RolloverModifier API
  9. SeriesInfo API Overview – background info for the RolloverModifier documentation
  10. SciChart Legend API Overview – an in-depth view at the SciChart Legend API
  11. Legend Templating – customising the look & feel of the legend
  12. Custom Legend Tutorial – demonstrating a legend with color picker, show/hide point-markers and more
  13. Does SciChart support Technical Indicators – an FAQ
  14. Drawing Custom Axis Bands – using our RenderContext to draw bands on weekends fast & efficiently
  15. Adding Color to a NumericAxis – an FAQ on how to style the axis itself
Updated Licensing SciChart steps

Our licensing mechanism has changed in v3.2, although our terms & conditions have not changed. SciChart will remain as a per developer license, with Royalty Free redistribution for your licensed applications.

To find out how to license SciChart v3.2 please visit

For more info on our licensing, see our EULA, Terms & Conditions and Licensing FAQ

Getting Developer Serial Keys & Source Code

If you are a SciChart Customer, and your support is not expired, you will have received an email today with your developer serial key(s) and source code download (if applicable). Please check your spam folder or contact your purchaser for an email with subject line SCICHART UPDATE, ORDER ID XXX-XXX-XXX


Finally, we hope you get great value out of SciChart and as always, we welcome your feedback!

Best regards,
[SciChart HQ]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Dec 02, 2014
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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