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SciChart v3.4.0 Build 6319 Released


SciChart v3.4.0 Build 6319 Released

We are pleased to announce a Minor update to SciChart High Performance WPF Charts

v3.4.0 Build 6319 contains many fixes and minor features which you have requested over the past 6 weeks.

This builds upon our feature-packed v3.3 release in March. See our Latest Releases category for details of our releases.

This release contains bug fixes as well as minor features. Since v3.2, we are now following semantic versioning and this should be backward compatible to SciChart v3.2 and v3.3, and it is safe and recommended to upgrade subject to testing your application.

What’s New in v3.4.0.6319


  • SC-2690 Performance of adding annotations to a chart
    • Improved performance of attaching annotations to a SciChart Surface by almost 3x (not rendering, but attaching annotations)
    • Removed subscriptions from every annotation, and add method to call from AnnotationCollection and ChartModifier (directly from SciChartSurface)
    • Removed support (which was not working properly and was disabled) of YAxisDragModifier for PolarChart
    • Refactored throwing exceptions for unsupported PolarChart modifiers
    • Removed redundant tests from APIElementBase
    • Added ChartModifierBase, ModifierGroup and AnnotationBase tests
  • SC-2662 Investigate performance of showing a chart which has annotations
    • Discovered that annotations are attached and detacted 3x when a chart is first shown
    • Removed redundant recreation and re-attachment of annotation collection during template changes in the SciChartSurface
  • SC-2635 Added AnnotationBase.DragStarted, DragEnded, DragDelta events.
    • Events used to determine if annotation was dragged or moved
    • All events now fire if you drag the annotation OR you drag the adorner
  • SC-2651 Heatmap now supports transparency the heatmap color map as well as Opacity in the FastHeatmapRenderableSeries
  • SC-2186 Implemented gradient rotation for HighSpeed,HighQuality RenderContext (per screen).
    • FastMountainRenderableSeries default is now to draw gradients ‘per primitive’ not per screen, improving the quality and appearance of gradient fills on mountain series as you scale them.
  • SC-2651 Set opacity on heatmap example for testing new Heatmap Opacity support
  • SC-2587 Added the UserDefinedDistributionCalculator to two examples (performance demo and spectrum analyzer demo)
  • SC-2146 All series now allow StrokeThickness=0 (previously, minimum value was 1). Added checks inside FastLineHelper and ISeriesDrawingHelper so now lines won’t draw if SeriesColor is transparent or StrokeThickness not greater than 0


  • SC-2615 Fixed a slowdown issue within the StaticAxis example
  • SC-2687 Fixed a 1 pixel gap between Top and Right axis and the axis tick lines
  • SC-2692 Fixed the issue with culling of labels on LogarithmicNumericAxis
  • SC-2693 Fixed setting FontSize on an axis had no impact on labels before
  • SC-2649 Fixed a ZoomPanModifier bug with flickering edge labels when ZoomExtentsY property was set and label size drastically changes
  • SC-2691 Changing DataSeries.SeriesName does not refresh series name in legend
  • SC-2685 DataSeries.XRange and DataSeries.YRange are not threadsafe
  • SC-2684 CustomAnnotation does not position itself when ContentTemplate is used
  • SC-2653 Fixed a bug with LabelTextFormatting not being applied when set in a style
  • SC-2510 Fixed a bug where Axis oscillates in size (bug in layout).
    Complete re-write of AxisPanel and layout algorithms, if you have custom templated the Axis it may require re-work
  • SC-2694 Fixed the issue when modifier axis tooltips appeared detached from the axis
  • SC-2695 Fixed hit test issue while trying to hit test with interpolation = true on DataSeries with less then 2 points
  • SC-2636 FastBubbleRenderableSeries and PaletteProvider gives blank charts
  • SC-2146 Fixed Some basic properties don’t work on Column Series (StrokeThickness, SeriesColor).
    Also fixed issue with updating OHLC and Candlestick renderable series when properties are changed. Added OnInvalidateParentSurface callback on all needed properties
  • SC-2621 MaxFrameRate binding error when SciChartSurface is hidden (potential fix, requires testing)
  • SC-2655 ResizeThrottle DispatcherPriority issue causes incorrect resize when CPU usage is high
  • SC-2619 Direct3D10RenderSurface throws incompatibility exception before handler attached
  • SC-2646 PaletteProvider with stroke thickness > 1 does not draw the line (HighSpeedRenderer)
  • SC-2637 Broken export to bitmap of polar chart ( changed polar panel to set panel thickness on items parent if panel wasn’t loaded before (e.g when we render chart in memory) )
  • SC-2697 HitTest (CursorModifier, RolloverModifier) crashes if unsigned datatype used on TY and coordinate out of range

Where to Get It

To get SciChart High Performance WPF Charts v3.4 please head over to our Downloads page, or, you can get the binaries alone at our Nightly Build page. Source-code customers in support will be emailed shortly with an update. You can find the Source-code URL in the License Certificate email that you receive!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | May 08, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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