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SciChart – Perfect for World Class Scientific Applications

Used by top scientific companies across the world, find out why SciChart for JavaScript, iOS/Android or Windows (WPF) is the perfect chart library for creating world-class scientific applications.

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Scichart is the market leader in Fast WPF Charts, WPF 3d Charts, iOS Chart, Android Chart and Javascript Chart Components

Speed and performance first.

At SciChart, we make impossible projects, possible.

We do this by focusing on speed & performance first. Our cross-platform chart libraries use cutting-edge tech from the gaming industry to be the fastest possible. No-other chart library in the world uses the award-winning software techniques that SciChart uses to enable the fastest possible chart performance, enabling demanding medical apps on your mobile device, browser or windows desktop.

No matter the platform, we service it.

Our charts deliver the speed, power, performance and reliability to be used as a critical component in your scientific software solution.

This level of complexity is difficult to achieve with any software; even if you could customise other chart libraries or build your own to do this, they would run too slow. At SciChart, we’ve optimised everything. We have a multi-stage rendering pipeline with every step from processing your data and transforming it before display, to deciding what and when to draw. Even the final drawing algorithms have been highly optimised to work at maximum efficiency across all kinds of hardware.

Why use SciChart for your science charting needs?

Before SciChart was created, most chart components focused on generic charts for business and sales dashboard applications and neglected the speed, performance and features required by the scientific communities.

SciChart provides a high-performance, real-time, feature-rich chart component built for developers of scientific applications on Windows (WPF), and mobile (iOS/Android and JavaScript). Get started right away by creating your first scientific app using SciChart’s powerful charts.

Cross Platform: WPF, iOS, Android, JavaScript

  • Heatmap / Spectrogram chart
  • Scatter / Bubble Charts with per-point colouring
  • Fast Line Charts for Big Data
  • Error Bars, Impulse and Stem Charts
  • Draw annotations, markers and thresholds
  • Scroll like a Strip Chart, update in real-time
  • Tooltips, zooming, panning and more
  • 3D Surface Mesh Chart
  • 3D Bubble Chart
  • 3D Scatter Chart
  • 3D Waterfall Chart
  • 3D Point Line Chart
  • Display 3D objects (*.obj file format) on the scene (on WPF only)
  • Per-point colouring and non-uniform 3D surface mesh chart type

Challenges faced by the science industry:

  • Big data and the ability to visualise lots of data points.
  • The ability to display accurate real-time charts for developers and end users.
  • Dynamically updated charts.
  • Maintaining a smooth UI while retaining an export function.
  • User-friendly solutions.
  • Handling high-frequency data.

Our solutions:

  • Big data visualisation tools.
  • High-performance charts.
  • Real-time charting software.
  • Customisability.

Features like these make SciChart the perfect choice for demanding scientific and medical applications requiring high-performance, real-time charts on Windows and Mobile platforms.

Examples & Demos

With SciChart’s charting library you can build a wide variety of scientific applications that require fast, real-time or big data charts. Using our example suites you can get started right away by customizing one of our samples.

You can:

Build Oscilloscopes
and Spectrum Analyzers

With fast, real-time charts, SciChart allows you to build Oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. Our charts can handle tens of millions of points in real-time and process demanding updates (sub 1 millisecond) all while delivering an efficient CPU and memory footprint.

Build Visualizations for
Data Acquisition and Sensors

With high-performance real-time charting, you can build visualization for all kinds of sensors. Zoom and pan your data to drill into it, show tooltips and more. Areas of interest can be highlighted with annotations, markers or labels, and custom visualisations can be created by using our powerful APIs.

Configurability of SciChart.
You can:

  • Have one or more charts on screen, which you can choose to synchronise so that when one zooms or pans, all zoom or pan.
  • Update data dynamically.
  • Remove, clear, add, and change data dynamically.
  • Have tooltips, and cursors customised and placed anywhere on the chart.
  • Have any combination of chart type and chart axis on the screen.
  • Support multiple kinds of axis including linear, logarithmic, value, category, date, time, and numeric.
  • Customise every aspect of the chart including placement of labels, intervals and colour of gridlines, font size of labels, formatting of labels (e.g. instead of 1.0 … $1.0bn) etc.
  • Customise your axis layout. The chart layout is customisable so you can have an unlimited number of vertical (rotated) charts, WPF stacked bar charts, axis in the centre like an oscilloscope, axis at the top, left, right, bottom, and an unlimited number of axes.
  • Scale series independently e.g. imagine one line series is maximised while the other is not.
  • Dock series to the top or bottom of the chart.
  • Add annotations (text, labels, lines, cursors, boxes, images, custom shapes). These can be placed at X and Y data locations or docked to the top/left/bottom/right or specific location on a chart.

Still wondering why SciChart?

  • Enterprise Tech Support
  • Ease of Use & Productivity
  • Developer activity & Speed of Bug Fixes
  • Flexibility
  • Chart Performance
  • Time and cost savings
  • Ease of implementation

SciChart is capable of drawing many millions of points and updating charts in real-time with a low memory and CPU footprint on all the platforms that we support.

We have created the fastest iOS charts & Android charts in the world (by a long way!), and one of the fastest, high-performance charts for WPF and Windows applications. Our charts are based on a hardware-accelerated rendering engine using DirectX (Windows), OpenGL ES (Android) and Metal (iOS) so that you get the fastest charting possible in your applications.

Clients include: 

Philips, Abbot Scientific, Shimadzu, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Ametek Inc., Aysys Inc., Axion Biosystems, Fisher Rosemount Systems, Fluke, MKS Instruments Ltd, Nanotemper Technologies GmbH

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SciChart’s charting Library is licensed per developer on a perpetual basis, with no hidden fees or costs after purchase! You are free to redistribute your trading apps you create with SciChart worldwide without our royalties or further licensing fees. We offer technical support for our chart controls build into the purchase price so you can be sure we’ll help you every step of the way.

To find out more about our cross-platform stock chart components contact us below to ask sales a question.

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