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Android Digital Mountain Chart

Generates a Digital Mountain (Area) Chart in code calling the setIsDigitalLine(True) method on a FastMountainRenderableSeries. Digital mountain charts can be used to render an XyDataSeries (which […]

Android Heatmap Chart

Demonstrates how to use FastUniformHeatmapRenderableSeries and create a real-time Heatmap in SciChart for Android. Android Heatmap Charts can be used to visualize a variety of scientific […]

Android Column Chart

Column Charts are very often used in Sales dashboards, as well as Fitness applications. This example will show how to generate a simple Column chart in […]

Android Stacked Mountain Chart

Demonstrates how to use Stacked Mountain API in SciChart Android. When you add multiple StackedMountainRenderableSeries into a VerticallyStackedMountainsCollection it allows to render mountain/areas stacked one above […]