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App stops when hide, then shows a fragment

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I have a simple app where the main activity has a FrameLayout that I use to load fragments in to. All fragments all loaded at the same time and I use hide/show to select what fragment to view.

However, when I add a chart to one of the fragments, then it loads fine initially, but if I hide it and then show it again, the app just stops. There isn’t any errors, it just stops responding.

If I remove the graph, everything works fine. Any ideas?

private void addAllFragments()
            .add(, mainScreen, "MainScreen")
            .add(, alarmScreen, "AlarmsScreen")

private void loadFragment(String id)
    FragmentTransaction ft = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();

    for(Fragment f : getSupportFragmentManager().getFragments())
        if(f.getTag() != id)


private void loadMainScreen() {

private void loadAlarmsScreen() {
Using maven to install, so I assume
  • Yura Khariton
    Hi Thomas. Can you provide an entire project which reproduces this issue? It would be really helpful.
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