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Create annotation with gesture causes crash


Hello there,

I’m trying to implement adding line annotation on touch, but this causes crash.

I’m watching example android app in fragment CreateAnnotationsDynamicallyFragment.

I guess, it should be very easy, but example uses data binding and part of code is hidden somewhere + source code is obfuscated, so it’s hard for me to understand what is wrong.

Can someone give a short example of how to add annotation on touch?



 Process: process_name, PID: 24978
java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.lang.Comparable com.scichart.charting.visuals.axes.IAxis.getDataValue(float)' on a null object reference
    at com.scichart.charting.modifiers.AnnotationCreationModifier.a(SourceFile:203)
    at com.scichart.charting.modifiers.AnnotationCreationModifier.onTouchDown(SourceFile:155)
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Hi Vadim,

We have an example in our demo application which shows how to do it. Based on your exception I would say that annotation created by modifier have incorrect AxisId for X or Y axis. This can happen if you change Id of axis but forgot to set the same id in AnnotationCreationModifier or any other case when for some reason annotation can’t locate associated X/YAxis. I would suggest to check id of axis which you use and ensure that you set the same id for modifier:

    // set ids which should be set to new annotations

Best regards,

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Hi Yura,

This is how i did it, but still crashing on touch:

private void initDrawingAnnotations() {
    annotationCreationModifier = new AnnotationCreationModifier();

    DefaultAnnotationFactory annotationFactory = new DefaultAnnotationFactory();

    annotationFactory.setFactoryForAnnotationType(DefaultAnnotationFactory.LINE_ANNOTATION, new IAnnotationFactory() {
        public IAnnotation createAnnotation(ISciChartSurface parentSurface, int annotationType) {
            return sciChartBuilder.newLineAnnotation()
                    .withStroke(1, Color.RED)
  • Yura Khariton
    Please try to use code from my answer because modifier will override XAxisId/YAxisId which you set in factory with values from modifier’s XAxisId/YAxisId properties. If this doesn’t help please attach entire project which reproduces this issue.
  • Kirey Vadim
    Thanks, it worked
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