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I have a line chart and need to implement textAlign: left property for tickLabel on yAxis. I have found some way to do it on the forum, but it does not work in my case:
xAxis.setAxisTickLabelStyle(new AxisTickLabelStyle(Gravity.CENTER, Layout.Alignment.ALIGN_CENTER, 5, 0, 5, 0));
I get the error:
Alignment cannot be converted to int
But according documentation AxisTickLabelStyle class get 5 int arguments. Can you help me please how to solve it!

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Hi Alexander,

The AxisTickLabelStyle constructor with six parameters was added recently and for now, I believe, it’s available only via our Maven repository with the latest nightly build. May I ask what version of SciChart do you use? Is it possible that you don’t use latest version from Maven? Can you try to get latest version from Maven repository ( for now the latest version is ) and let me know if it helps?

Best regards,

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