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How to solve databinding errors?

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From your examples on Github all of them requires databinding which is giving me serious problems. I am running into databinding errors, would you happen to have solutions to that?

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Hi Matthew,

I’m afraid I don’t understand what the problem is, because as far as I know we’re not using Android DataBinding in our projects. We’re using Android View Binding, which just simplifies work with XML layouts and reduces amount of boilerplate code.

Can you provide more details about problem that you have (e.g. what project do you run, what errors do you see when you run project and so on)?

Best regards,

  • Matthew Mataruse
    From the example you uploaded on github, you seem to have a folder called databinding, referencing to this line of code: com.scichart.examples.databinding.ExampleAddPointsPerformanceFragmentBinding; I am trying to look for this path: com.scichart.examples.databinding, its not there, again,um trying to search forthis file: ExampleAddPointsPerformanceFragmentBinding , its not there. so where is this databinding folder and its files?
  • Yura Khariton
    This class is auto-generated by Android View Binding library from XML layout (e.g. in your case from example_add_points_performance_fragment.xml which you can find in res/layout folder)
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