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I want to display XAxis label with define visible date range - start to end

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I am working on an android application for the tablet view I need to write and show XAxis with the following information

  1. 1 Day => need to show 24 XAxis ticks with 1 hour each with a difference of 10 means e.g 10:10, 11:10, 12:10 and so on
  2. 3 Day => need to show 4 XAxis ticks like if that covers 72 hours by showing the date
  3. 1 Month => need to show 30 XAxis ticks with a date, 1 day each

the difficulty I m facing is that I m not finding any starting point to do the above things properly, I tried DateSeries but the date is showing dynamically and there is no how to define starting and endpoint


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