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I was following the tutorial for building my first Chart for adroid.
I Download the newes version SciChart_ Android_v4.4.* and copy the lib in my FIles.
Since this went way to quick i opend the lib and it was empty, no .aar files.
I downloadet the adroid .zip again and still no .aar files in lib.
Then i downloadet the 4.3 version and there they are: aar files!

My Question: how do i get those files of the latest version?

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Hi Julian,

Yes, you’re right. Archive is empty. It’s probably caused by some bug in our deployment script. I’m going to take a look on why this happened and going to fix it ASAP.

Meanwhile as workaround please try to reference same version as in archive ( v4.4.0.4739 ) from our Maven repository. You can find instructions how to do this in documentation.

Best regards,

  • Yura Khariton
    Hi Julian. I wanted to notify that we fixed bug in our deployment scripts and updated archive with project on website. So now everything should be OK.
  • Julian Menon
    Thank you, maven worked well!
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