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Per-point shapes


How to achieve per-point shapes? I need to have, say, triangle, ellipse, and square shapes on a single line series. It’s pretty straightforward for iOS by overriding the StyleForPoint() method and providing shapes and colors. However, I had hard times figuring it out for Android (Xamarin). I found how to change colors of markers but not shapes. Could anyone help me with this, please?

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Hi there,

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to provide different shapes for point marker via PalletteProvider in Android for now.

To workaround this limitation you can try to use line series without point marker and separate scatter series with different shapes. Then append whole data set into line series and append filtered data set ( select points with desired shape ) into appropriate scatter series. Or you can use same data series instance for line and scatter series with different shapes. Then use create PaletteProvider for each scatter series and return transparent color for those markers which shouldn’t be drawn.

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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