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Using OhlcDataSeries with BigDecimal on Android

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I’m trying to migrate OhlcDataSeries from Double to more accurate BigDecimal on Android.
But I faced with an issue that “GenericClass doesn’t support class”

How can I fix it?
I want to use BigDecimal with chart.

Thank you

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Hi Roman,

We don’t plan to support BigDecimal for now, because it isn’t a primitive type ( current architecture of SciChart has only support for primitive types and Date which under the hood stores itself as long). It would require significant rewriting of entire rendering pipeline to implement such support. Also it would lead to bad performance in real-time scenarios.

We use alot of C++ code and our resampling algorithms are also implemented in C++ for the best performance. To add support of BigDecimal would mean that we need to provide some kind of conversion from BigDecimal to some C++ equivalent ( for primitive types there are no need for such conversion ). During resampling of data presented on screen this would lead to huge performance decrease because we would need to do this conversion for each data point on screen.

For now you can create a feature request on our website and if it gets enough votes we’ll try to implement it.

Best regards,

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