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Date type on xAxis for heatmap is not showing graphic

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Hi , many of the charts provide a way to set the date on the x axis for the data series and that makes the axis match the DataSeries value defined for that axis, but for heatmap dataseries when you define xType as date the xAxis of type date is not displaying on surface, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and there is no sample for dates on GitHub , the samples only use int , would be great if you can provide a date sample for the heatmap , thanks

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Hi, Mariano.

What you need is:
1) Set SCIUniformHeatmapDataSeries xType to .date
2) Create xAxis as SCIDateAxis()
3) Set dataSeries StartX to your start date
4) Set dataSeries StepX to some timeInterval, eg. 1 sec

You can find our HeatmapChartView example, modified to us SCIDateAxis.

Let us know if it is what you need.

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Hello Andriy, we try to do the exact same thing on our side; use the HeatmapChart with a DateAxis and by following your instruction we still have some issues.

Is it possible for you to repost the attachment above? When we try to download we got a 404 Link error.
Thank you for your support,

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