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How to keep tooltip showing when release finger

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Hi all,

When we enable the rollover modifier and drag the chart, we can see the tooltip.
However, when I release the finger, the tooltip also disappears.
Is there a way to keep the tooltip showing when releasing the finger?
The problem we want to solve is user will use their finger to mark a critical point, then we will take a screenshot of the chart to generate a report.
Not sure if there is any good way to make the tooltip keeps showing to achieve this requirement?

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Old question but I figured this out recently.

You need to implement a subclass of SCIRolloverModifier and override the onEvent(args:) function, then ignore any event where the gestureRecognizer state is .ended.

class MyRolloverModifier: SCIRolloverModifier {
override func onEvent(_ args: SCIGestureModifierEventArgs) {
if args.gestureRecognizer?.state != .ended {

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