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i want to insert 500 data on the left of chart.
then, it freezes slightly.
so, i want to present indicator.
how can i listen to start and end of drawing?

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Hello mssup,

Before you try present busy indicator, please see our performance tips and tricks article, it might help you to omit such issues in the first place.

First of all, I would suggest you to append data in batches and inside SCIUpdateSuspender block, like below:

[SCIUpdateSuspender usingWithSuspendable:surface withBlock:^{
    // append your data here

which should improve performance, also, the SciChart renderer will start rendering right after step out of the block, so you can consider end of the block as start rendering, and can show your busy indicator.

To listen to end of drawing rendererCallback property on renderSurface, please see the code below:

self.surface.renderSurface.renderedCallback = ^(int _) {

in which you can stop showing your indicator.

Hope that helps, if you still face some issues, feel free to prepare sample project and send us for investigation.

Best regards,
Nazar R.

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