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SciChart in UITableViews. Software rendering?

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Can SciChart be used in UITableviewCell? Is it possible to use Software rendering on iOS?

The OpenGL/Metal charts are great, but I suspect Software rendering would be a better for displaying data in UITableViewCells. There are many mobile apps out there that use charts in tableviews and I’d love to be able to use SciChart here too.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Short answer is no software renderer at present, I don’t think it would be super hard to implement it though as our drawing code is abstracted behind IRenderContext2D protocol. I believe other customers are using SciChart iOS inside UITableViews, but I will need to ask the ios-dev team when they are back from public holiday tomorrow. Thanks! Andrew
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Nudged the team about this today (after Easter weekend). Will get back to you shortly!
  • Simon Persson
    No hurry… if it isn’t possible to use the charts in the tableviews now I’ll just submit a feature request ;)
  • Nazar Rudnyk
    Hello Simon, sure it’s possible to use it in UITableViewCell, no need to use software renderer for that.
  • Simon Persson
    Awesome! Thanks Nazar and Andrew :)

Hi Simon,

As Nazar mentioned, it just works.

Please see the Video showing SciChart.iOS in UITableView that he created.

Best regards,

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