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Scicharts for MacOS in a Visual Studios Xamarin Project

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Hey everyone, my team currently has Scicharts for WPF set up and functioning the way we want it too.

We are moving to Xamarin and have tested Scicharts in a Xamarin.Forms project working for Android/iOS and Windows WPF.
The next step was to install Visual Studios for Mac, and setup a new Xamarin.Forms project and pull the code from the windows version of our Xamarin.Forms project. For windows we use a custom renderer to get the scicharts to work for all platforms available on the windows version. For Mac, we are trying to get a custom renderer set up to load the swift version of the Scicharts for Mac. It’s not going so well.

Can anyone provide details on if it’s possible to get a xaramarin.forms project to load the scicharts for mac framework?


NOTE** I picked iOS because for some reason MacOS wasn’t in the list of platforms

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Hello Deryk,

Thank you for contacting us!

Unfortunately to achieve what you are asking for we need to support Xamarin for our macOS version and this is not implemented yet.

We have the Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android bindings in place as well as Xamarin.Forms support, however there is no macOS Xamarin support yet.

In order to get this considered for our road map can we ask you to create a feature request? Please see here how:

Then all our other customers are welcomed to vote for the feature request!
Best regards,
SciChart team

  • Deryk Richardson
    Hi Julia If it’s not already part of your roadmap, our team cannot consider it as an option as our product needs to be delivered within the coming months. We need to make a decision yesterday as to our development plan. I’ve taken a look at This link shows you how to produce those bindings. I don’t need to go through and build all of the bindings as of now, I just need to know if it’s possible. Can you confirm or deny that the link above demonstrates a method of producing the required bindings to import the Scichart framework into a C# Xamarin for Mac project? Here is the walk-through supplied through the above link Thanks, Deryk
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