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Update Donut chart Xamarin iOS

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I am developing a Xamarin iOS application and I’m using a SCIPieChartSurface. I can create the chart and set its values, but is is not possible to auto-update the donut with new data.
I am trying to update the value by doing:

myDonut.MyPieSegment.Value = newValue;

But nothing happends…

I heard it was a bug in the API for Android a month ago, is this similar? Or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Hi Nazar, sorry for late response. Still not working for me, I’ve made some changes in your provided test application Xamarin.Examples.Deploy. In the code below I expected the pie chart to auto-update every 5000ms, but it is not. However, if I click somewhere in the pie chart, it will update to the expected value. But I want it to update automatically. The InvalidateElement-command doesn’t seem to affect at all.

    SCIDonutRenderableSeries donutSeries = new SCIDonutRenderableSeries();
    SCIPieSegment segment;
    protected override void InitExample()
        donutSeries.IsVisible = false;
        segment = BuildSegmentWithValue(40, "Green", new SCIRadialGradientBrushStyle(0xff84BC3D, 0xff5B8829));
        donutSeries.Segments.Add(BuildSegmentWithValue(10, "Red", new SCIRadialGradientBrushStyle(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B)));
        donutSeries.Segments.Add(BuildSegmentWithValue(20, "Blue", new SCIRadialGradientBrushStyle(0xff4AB6C1, 0xff2182AD)));
        donutSeries.Segments.Add(BuildSegmentWithValue(15, "Yellow", new SCIRadialGradientBrushStyle(0xffFFFF00, 0xfffed325)));
        donutSeries.DrawLabels = true;

        Surface.HoleRadius = 100;
        Surface.BackgroundColor = UIColor.White;

        var legendModifier = new SCIPieLegendModifier();
        legendModifier.Position = SCILegendPosition.Bottom;
        legendModifier.PieSeries = donutSeries;

        Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new SCIPieSelectionModifier());

        Task.Run(() =>
            donutSeries.IsVisible = true;

        System.Threading.Timer t = new System.Threading.Timer(callback, null, 100, 5000);
    Random rnd = new Random();
    private void callback(object state)
        segment.Value = rnd.Next(1, 20);

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Hi…Is that syncfusion is free to use.I saw that it is not free one.We need to download the trial version for one month and work on that syncfusion studio .I would like to know is there any package apart from oxyplot we can use them and design graphs,piecharts by adding the package or adding the components to xamarin studio.

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Hello Jonas,

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like an issue in sciChart and I’ve already created task in our bugtracker, so it will be fixed in one of our future releases.

As for now, what you can do – is manually trigger redraw by calling invalidateElement on your series like below:


That’s it. Sorry for inconvenience. Hope this is suitable for your needs.

Best Regards,

  • Jonas Olsson
    Hello Nazar Sorry, but this workaround doesn’t work either. I’ve tried to run the InvalidateElement-command on both the SCIRenderableSeries and its SCIPieSegments-objects. It makes no sense. myDonut.MySeries.InvalidateElement(); myDonut.MyPieSegment.InvalidateElement(); When do you expect to solve this issue? Best regards Jonas
  • Nazar Rudnyk
    Hi Jonas, in that case I would ask you to provide some code which reproduces this issue, because I can’t do that locally in our examples app. Also, I can’t give you any ETA for resolving this issue, since we have working workaround for now. But for sure it will be fixed in on of our future releases. Best Regards, Nazar
  • Jonas Olsson
    Hi Nazar. Code is provided in my answer below (I couldn’t format the code in the response).
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