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"Use of unresolved identifier 'SCIGeneric'"

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I’m attempting to integrate some of the tutorial swift code into my app and I’m getting stuck on this error. Seems like some macro isn’t running.

“Use of unresolved identifier ‘SCIGeneric'”

Code is like this: lineDataSeries.appendX(SCIGeneric(i), y: SCIGeneric(sin(Double(i))*0.01))

I’ve done “import SciChart” and most things seem to work fine except this. Any ideas? Thanks

  • arimardan saraswat
    I am facing that same problem as well. Any one have any idea????
  • Andriy Shkinder
    Hello, Arimardan Saraswat. Please, check my answer below.
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Best Answer

Hello, this problem occurs in Swift projects when SwiftGenericWrapper file wasn’t added.
Please follow the (Adding SCIGenericWrapper.swift file section).


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