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2d X/Y plot: Auto scaling and tooltip not working (JS + Blazor)

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I am trying out JS SciChart based on the Blazor example you have posted more than a year ago.
I cannot get the auto scaling to work by code (the default behavior does auto scale once right after adding the data). Calling sciChartSurface.zoomExtents(); (or zoomExtentsX() and zoomExtentsY() after one another) does zoom into a very details portion of the graph.

Also (maybe related) the tooltip does not update when moving the cursor around, it always keeps the same data. I tried using CursorModifier as well as RolloverModifier, both having the same problem.

Attached the JS code and the c# files and a picture how this looks like after calling the autoScale() method.

Thanks for any help

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In this case, to make it work properly with v2.0.2115 of the lib, you need to specify if the data is sorted with the “dataIsSortedInX” option in the Data Series definition:

const xyDataSeries = new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, {dataIsSortedInX: false});

FYI, this is handled automatically in the newer versions of the library (2.1.x).
So alternatively you can simply update the version of SciChart used in your project.

Best Regards,

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Hi Ivan
Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Indeed updating to v2.1.2301 fixed the tooltip issue, but the auto scaling (calling sciChartSurface.zoomExtents()) still requires the dataIsSortedInX:false. After adding that it worked perfectly!

Thanks again
Kind regards

  • Ricardo Diz
    Thank’s Reto! Our fault that this library was not updated to the latest version in the blazor sample. Hope you’re all set now! Best regards, Andrew
  • Reto Stahel
    Hi Andrew I understand. Do you know if you will have an updated blazor sample with a fully implemented wrapper? E.g. what I am looking for is how to be able to handle a hit or select event in my c# code behind, so having some feedback from the SciChart back into my c# code behind. Thanks Reto
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