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Got error when running SciChart v3.0.266 with next.js

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I recently upgraded SciChart from version 2 to version 3.0.266. It was working fine. But I got error (please refer to the attached screenshot) when I try to run my application today. It’s so strange as it worked fine yesterday and I didn’t make any codes change today.

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Hi Quyen

This error usually occurs if

1/ you are not deploying wasm (webassembly) files

2/ you are deploying webassembly files but there is a version mismatch between the SciChart.js library and webassembly file.

Question: How are you deploying wasm in your app?

Are you using SciChartSurface.useWasmFromCDN()? Or have you packaged the wasm/data files with your application and served them?

For context, see our documentation page on Deploying Wasm (WebAssembly) and Data Files with your app which talks about the different options.

Best regards

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Edit: It can also occur if Wasm files are being blocked by the browser. I’ve seen this in Brave browser for example.
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Hi Andrew, it’s so strange that I can’t see this error anymore now. I will let you know if I see the error again and can’t solve it. Thanks!

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Possibly a caching issue after upgrade? That shouldn’t happen but to rule it out, if you see this problem again, clear cache in chrome browser and report if the problem goes away. Do keep us updated!
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