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How to draw Axis Bands from one point to another

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Hello, I’d like to know how is possible to draw Axis Bands from one data point to another.

I’m currently creating real-time stock charts and I need to display the after-hours with a different band.

Thanks in advanced for your help,

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Hey, sorry for my poor description. 

What I want to achieve is to set a different background color for the after-hours and pre-market hours. I attached a file to show what it’ll look like. (During the time the market is open, the background is white, the after-hours is titled number 1, and the pre-market is titled number 2). I have the calculation to determine whether the market is open, after hours, or pre-market. But I need a way to tell SciChart “On the XAxis from value x to value y, paint the background with this color.”

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