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WebGL context lost and Memory Issue Critical Bug

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I am getting console error and page is crashing and reloading the page.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Arun, I have a workaround for you. Can you call SciChartSurface.createSingle() instead of SciChartSurface.create()? This has a maximum number of charts (16) on screen at once but uses a simpler pathway for WebGL. It seems to work on my side. Meanwhile, we continue to investigate. We’re treating this as a v. high priority item
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Quick update for you (May 17th 2021). We have had to get in contact with Intel engineers since this error only occurs on Intel HD 620 / 630 hardware. It appears to be a driver bug as the GPU driver itself is crashing and we’ve reviewed all our code and don’t see anything suspicious. We’re continuing to treat this as high priority but wanted to give the update. Thanks and regards, Andrew
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Hi Arun,

Thanks for reporting this, we’re investigating this issue already as one other user has reported it. What we know so far:

  • The WebGL Context Loss error occurs when the Browser denies a WebGL context
  • Our code is already set-up to handle WebGL Context loss using guidance from Khronos and restores the WebGL context by listening to webglcontextrestored event
  • However in some cases, webglcontextrestored is never called by the browser.

This issue seems to come from the Browser or GPU driver itself. We have noticed it only occurs on some specific GPU families like Intel HD Integrated graphics.

I have some questions for you to help diagnose this further.

  1. Can you go into google chrome and type chrome://gpu/ and upload the results please? It will be a big file so preferably upload as an attachment.
  2. Secondly are you doing anything specific when you get this error? Does it occur intermittently or regularly.
  3. Lastly. We have been doing some work recently to ensure proper recovery of lost WebGL contexts. Can you tell us if this issue has recently occurred in v1.4.1585 and if it worked before?

This information helps us to refine a solution. WebGL context loss issues are hardware dependent (so far we have only reproduced on one specific GPU family – Intel HD Integrated graphics).

Thanks and Best regards,

  • Arun Surendran
    chrome://gpu/ and upload the results uploaded.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Thanks Arun, you have an Intel HD 620 GPU. We have multiple reports now of this same error occurring on Intel HD 620/630 hardware. We have a reproduction in-house, going to be working on it as a matter of high priority. Best regards, Andrew
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We just released [email protected] with potential fix for the problem. Please check it out and let us know.

Best regards,

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