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The SciChartOverview is great, it provides exactly the functionality that I needed for panning and zooming. The only problem is that from what I have found until now it works only on the x axis.

Is there an easy way to have exactly the same zooming and panning functionality provided by the SciChartOverview on the Y Axes? I just need the zooming and panning, not the data preview.

I tried to do this by modifying the ControlTemplate of the NumericAxis control, but I quickly got into trouble, and this seems like a little bit too much work anyway.

Is there a simple way to do it with SciChart?
I added an image with a similar control that does this.

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Hi there,

Currently there’s no way to achieve this with the Overview Control, this was specifically designed to cope with X-Axis scenarios, particularly for stock charts.

As a workaround, are you able to provide the following via a custom modifier? Scale on left click/drag of the axis, Pan on right click/drag?

If you need to get/set the VisibleRange of an axis, simply call AxisBase.VisibleRange. If you need to get/set the extents of the data on that axis, get AxisBase.DataRange.

  • Straliciuc
    Yes, it works with a custom modifier, but sliders are much more user-friendly.. Thanks anyway, maybe I will keep trying with the ControlTemplate
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