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From example “SciTrader” I created stockcharting which allows to see multiple charts. From main menu I’m creating new windows with content of userControl from example, binds them to ViewModel class and put ViewModel instances into collection of ViewModels. It works fine with historic and realtime date for different stocks. But I have a problem when I’m adding crosshair cursor in my charts. If I have a mouse with crosshair in one chart in all others chart I have vertical line of this crosshair in the same X axis point. And If I scroll chart with left mouse pressed others chart affected too.
I suggest the problem is in this piece of code:

<sciChart:ModifierGroup sciChart:MouseManager.MouseEventGroup="MySharedMouseGroup">
<sciChart:XAxisDragModifier />
<sciChart:YAxisDragModifier />
<sciChart:ZoomPanModifier IsEnabled="True" />
<sciChart:CursorModifier IsEnabled="True"/>
<!–<sciChart:RubberBandXyZoomModifier IsEnabled="{Binding ChartModifier, Mode=TwoWay, Converter={StaticResource IsModifierTypeConverter}, ConverterParameter=RubberBandZoom}" IsXAxisOnly="True" />–>
<sciChart:MouseWheelZoomModifier />
<sciChart:ZoomExtentsModifier ExecuteOn="MouseDoubleClick" />

Please give me some hints how can I have independent crosshair appearing only in window where my mouse is.

It worked fine with stockchart controls from CreateRealTimeTickingStockChart but I want to use SciChartSurface from SciTrader example because of volume pane and more powerfull customizing ability of SciChartSurface.

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Sorry I just found that topic
I will try to bind MouseEventGroup to a GUID in the ViewModel. It works.
Sorry again, please delete this topic.

  • Andrew
    That's ok, we'll keep it open. Someone else might stumble across this. Glad you got it sorted Andrew
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