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Hello there,
I am testing your 3d chart in demo project but I added X,Y and Z data, also added tool-tip to check the value

final TooltipModifier3D tooltipModifier3D = new TooltipModifier3D();

And also implement custom tool-tip UI.

The Issues is when I hover cursor on chart it not showing exact position on tool-tip. I attach SS png you can check it,
SS showing my cursor is on position x=6 but on tooltip it showing x=2.Waiting for your reply.

Thanks You

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I’m working on a project that updates about 100,000 pointers in real time, but it takes too much time to change the individual colors of the pointers.
Is there any quick way to change pointer individual color?

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Currently, we are creating something like Point Cloud which is updated in real time in the project (40ms cycle) using 3D ScatterSeries.
However, in Dataseries, trying to set the color of individual pointers using PointMetadata3D’s VertexColor is too slow.
If we update only the coordinates without changing the color, we get the speed we want. I do not understand that changing the color value will seriously slow the process.
I want to know if there is a way to handle this phenomenon quickly.

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