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Hello there,
I am testing your 3d chart in demo project but I added X,Y and Z data, also added tool-tip to check the value

final TooltipModifier3D tooltipModifier3D = new TooltipModifier3D();

And also implement custom tool-tip UI.

The Issues is when I hover cursor on chart it not showing exact position on tool-tip. I attach SS png you can check it,
SS showing my cursor is on position x=6 but on tooltip it showing x=2.Waiting for your reply.

Thanks You

  • Yura Khariton
    By default tooltip is showed for cross point ( which allows more precise targeting of data points ) and it looks to me that chart from screen has more or less accurate results. However I can’t be sure, because you didn’t provide full code of example which I can run on my machine and test.
  • Amir Khan
    Yes UR right we test tooltip in IOS in showing exact cross point data,I guess in my project it showing CrosshairMode data not cross point.
  • Amir Khan
    I am Using Custom tooltip with extends DefaultMeshSeriesInfo3DProvider just like you provided in link below
  • Amir Khan
    I also Testing you SeriesTooltips3DChartFragment code from SciChartDemo Application it not showing accurate cursor data.
  • Yura Khariton
    I understand, but can you provide full project which I can run? It is very hard to understand what happens in code without debugging it
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