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We need to be able to set our chart’s Y axis to be 105. When we add new series (realtime plotting) and one of the points has a value over 105 we need the chart to start auto-scaling to match that new Y value. In other words, unless the user manually zooms we always want the chart to self-resize after starting at a fixed 105 on the Y axis.

This might seem like a strange request at first but our application is expecting a real time series to plot points whose X values might go from -10 to +10; however, the Y value could go from anywhere between 0 and 100 (sometimes higher – although that is not a typical expected value). When we are auto-scaling XY values realtime with no minimal limits the series points are effectively zoomed in really close giving the user a feeling of “noise” to a series that technically doesn’t really exist.

I’ve attached a couple images that demonstrate what a typical series looks like for us. Imaging if only a small portion of the series were currently on the chart and we were using auto-scaling.

Although the 2nd images is a noisy series. It’s REALLY exacerbated when the initial series is auto-scaling during the measurement making it look like the 3rd image.

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