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Hi there,

Wow this library has come along way in ten years. My question is related to interaction between RS and the legend that is rendered by the chartmodifier.

I declare the legend something like this during the initial bootstrapping of the plot view:

        const legend = new LegendModifier({placementDivId: "legend-goes-here", id:"legend"});

After that, I have a custom interface available for users to change things, which eventually results in visibility or color changes, updating an RS something like this:

        const thisRs = surface.renderableSeries.getById(`${s.fileId}-${}`);
        if (thisRs) {
            thisRs.isVisible = s.isVisible;
            thisRs.stroke = s.visualInfo?.colorCode ?? "#FFFFFF";

These changes do not appear to be propagated to the legend despite the series on the plot changing. I guess my questions are:

1) What’s the expected behavior/is there something obvious I’m missing about the model?
2) Any suggestions?

It may very well be somewhere lost in my fairly complex React app, but I first wanted to confirm that I’m not missing something in the api.


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