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Hi! I’m trying to add realtime mountain chart into WinForms project via ElementHost.
It works fine, but when I increase the chart form size and move mouse over it, it starts to block another timers events I use to update controls. It happens no matter how much datapoints I have and no matter witch render I use (HighSpeed or D3D).
Both DispatcherTimer and Forms.Timer are affected.

I’ve uploaded simple project to demonstrate this behevior:

It simply switches between two datasets by the timer in WPF Control, and another timer updates the winforms label.
When I start to move mouse over the chart, label stops updating. If I increase the dataset update timer interval to 50-70ms it gets better, but this affects chart FPS.

Can you suggest a workaround for this behavior?
Thanks, Dennis.

UPD: I have found that without <s:SciChartSurface.ChartModifier> timers are fine.
But even an empty ChartModifier group starts to affect it.

  • DENIS K asked 5 years ago
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