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I have multiple dataseries of around 20,000 points each, and the calculation of each point originates from one of three sources. I would like to show, for each point, a different data point marker depending on the origin of the point. Each point marker should also show some meta data about the calculation origin in a tooltip when it is moused over.

I have been able to achieve this effect using the Annotations API, as shown here: but chart performance grinds to a halt with an AnnotationCollection of up to 100,000 annotations attached to the surface.

Can I show this information in another way that will be performant, taking advantage of virtualisation, efficient algorithms on sorted data etc.? I was thinking that I may be able to add the point origins as metadata to the XyDataSeries, benefit from the performance optimisations that come with a SciChart series, and show the metadata in DataPointMarkers with tooltips? Could this work? Can I also have a differently shaped datapoint marker for each point depending on the metadata?

Thanks 🙂

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