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I have upgraded the SciChart version to v3.2 and tried to use the memory debugging tools.

Below are few issues I found:

  • The example in the Memory Leak Debugging page got typo. It should
    import the MemoryUsageHelper instead of MemoryUsageTracker.

import { MemoryUsageTracker } from “scichart”;
MemoryUsageHelper.isMemoryUsageDebugEnabled = true;

  • When I turn on the memory debugger, I always got this warning when I
    move the crosshair in my chart. Is this expected?

DeletableEntity.js:70 Failed to remove
CursorTooltipSvgAnnotation_42d65afd-b859-4e14-b82d-7cda881cf1eb from
the Object Registry Probably it has been already deleted!

  • I also got the warning in point 2 when I try to delete annotation
    from the chart. I think it’s because I am trying to do something
    like this:


The warning will be gone if I remove the second line above. Is it true that if I remove an annotation/dataSeries from a chart, I don’t need to remove that annotation/dataSeries manually afterward (i.e. annotation.delete()) ? Also, if I deleted a chart, I don’t need to delete it’s annotation/dataSeries manally, right?

  • Quyen Sy asked 2 weeks ago
  • last active 2 weeks ago
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