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I am using a PinchZoomModifier with my chart and I would like to execute some code when the user stops the zooming action (stops touching the screen). Is it possible to do? Are there any listeners I could attach to the PinchZoomModifier? I couldn’t find any in the docs.

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If you set limit on range of axis, the pinch gesture will not work correctly.
Pinch the chart and hold for a while (about less than 1 sec), the chart will resize to the limit value you set on the axis.

You can change code of in Examples to below to reproduce this problem.

final IAxis xBottomAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
                    .withAxisTitle("Time (ms)")
                    .withVisibleRange(new DoubleRange(2.5, 4.5))
                    .withVisibleRangeLimit(0,20)   // this will help reproduce the problem
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