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I have a problem I need to correct so I can Remote Debug —
I have Scichart licensing installed on both the Remote Windows Device and my Local Development machine, which the Serial key entered on both machines.
If I run in release mode, not through Remote Debugging, the chart renders on the remote machine.
If I run either Debug or Release mode on my local developer machine, the chart renders on the developer machine.
HOWEVER, if I try Remote Debug session, the application runs, but the SciChart screen just gives me the Not Licensed display.

Why ? and is there a workaround…

Note that the remote machine does not have an internet connection – as it talks over the ethernet on a peer-to-peer connected instrument. There is only that one ethernet adapter on the remote machine. My developer machine has 2 ethernet connections – one direct IP to the peer-to-peer network group, to communicate to the remote machine to remote debug, and one wireless connection with DHCP to access the internet.

  • Levi Jeff asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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