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I have a fairly simple multiple series line chart, which shows the history of a couple of variables within the last 5, 15, or 30 minutes.

The x axis is always ranged between Now – X mins and Now + 10 secs (to allow for clock error).

I’d like to have the x axis constantly scrolling, smoothly. I’ve not been able to achieve this using a timer. I’ve tried to use AnimatedVisibleRange, triggered from a 500ms timer, but there’s quite visible jerking.

I should add that the data comes in sporadically, but the chart should still scroll without any new data.

What am I missing? Thanks

  • James Lanng asked 11 months ago
  • last active 11 months ago
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Hi – I’m trying to create a scrolling sine wave chart that needs max and min lines that are locked in place. If the spline goes above or below that’s fine as user just needs to see it goes beyond the max and min lines.

I’ve attached a pic of what I need if anyone can help. ty

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