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The exception happens on the GC finalizer thread and has the following call stack:

SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.ComObject.SharpDX.IUnknown.Release() Line 256 C#
SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.ComObject.Dispose(bool disposing) Line 286 C#
SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.DisposeBase.CheckAndDispose(bool disposing =
false) Line 59 C# SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.DisposeBase.~DisposeBase() Line
28 C# [Native to Managed Transition]
kernel32.dll!00007ffc5c1b1fe4() Unknown
ntdll.dll!00007ffc5d1fcb31() Unknown

I have a single SciChartSurface that is plotting a single FastImpulseRenderableSeries, which is bound using MVVM (SeriesBinding/ImpulseRenderableSeriesViewModel). Only debug builds appear to be affected.

Do I need to be disposing or otherwise cleaning up any of the SciChart objects I create?

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