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The exception happens on the GC finalizer thread and has the following call stack:

SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.ComObject.SharpDX.IUnknown.Release() Line 256 C#
SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.ComObject.Dispose(bool disposing) Line 286 C#
SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.DisposeBase.CheckAndDispose(bool disposing =
false) Line 59 C# SharpDX.dll!SharpDX.DisposeBase.~DisposeBase() Line
28 C# [Native to Managed Transition]
kernel32.dll!00007ffc5c1b1fe4() Unknown
ntdll.dll!00007ffc5d1fcb31() Unknown

I have a single SciChartSurface that is plotting a single FastImpulseRenderableSeries, which is bound using MVVM (SeriesBinding/ImpulseRenderableSeriesViewModel). Only debug builds appear to be affected.

Do I need to be disposing or otherwise cleaning up any of the SciChart objects I create?

Version (from nuget)
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Yes Finalizers are executed on another thread so they can be a bit non-deterministic. Do you have a full stack trace? SharpDX finalizes its own objects and we dispose most of them but sometimes something gets missed (like a texture held by a PointMarker)
  • David La Fleur
    Unfortunately, what I posted *is* the complete call stack for the GC finalizer thread where the exception occurs. Or did you want to know what the other threads were doing at the same time?
  • Przemyslaw Dekiel
    Hi, is there any update on this issue? we have just moved to .NET Core 3.0, and we started having exactly the same problem (similarly, only when using Direct3D11RenderSurface). Are there any workarounds?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, Scichart SDK 6 with full .NET Core 3.0 support is in the final phase of testing now — it will resolve the above issue as we’ve built a completely new custom renderer to replace the Direct3D11RenderSurface which uses SharpDX. .NET core 3 has thrown a lot of spanners in the works for us because both our licensing component and SharpDX don’t support it very well, however we have resolved all issues by bringing the development of them in-house. More info to be announced very soon. Best regards, Andrew
  • Przemyslaw Dekiel
    Hi Andrew, thanks for the update! Is there any known date when we could be expecting SDK 6?
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