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Hello again!

I’m working with FastMountainRenderableSeries. I have some questions:

1) How can I escape changing z-order of renderable series when I select renderable series?

2) How can I make Y-Zero lIne be not a single number, but for example a function? (See picture 1)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Egor,

I’m afraid neither of these are possible. The fact that SciChartSurface.SelectedRenderableSeries are brought to the front of the Z-order is unfortunately hard-coded, and cannot be changed without a source-code change.

The FastMountainRenderableSeries.ZeroLineY is a constant, and cannot be changed dynamically.

However, may I suggest trying the FastBandRenderableSeries, which will draw a polygon between Y0 and Y1 (two Y-values) as well as an upper and lower line (optional, use SeriesColor to hide).

Best regards,

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