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Adding annotations synchronously

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I have a method that adds a marker line to my chart. The issue I have it that calling this method results in a non-blocking async call but in other code where I call this, I want to access the markers immediately after adding the marker. Is there a way to call Annotations.Add synchronously?

public void CreateNewMarker(DateTime markerDate, Color color)
MainChart.Annotations.Add(new VerticalLineAnnotation()
Stroke = new SolidColorBrush(color),
StrokeThickness = 1,
X1 = markerDate,
StrokeDashArray = new DoubleCollection(new List { 6, 3 }),
IsEditable = false
catch (Exception ex)
Tracing.TraceError(piuModule, className + “.CreateNewMarker()”, “Error during the CreateNewMarker() method”, ex);

Other Method
calls CreateNewMarker(0
Access new marker Annotations by index, MainChart.Annotations[markerIndex].X1


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Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your inquiry.
I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Adding Annotations is always a synchronous (blocking) call that is done in a UI thread.
You should be able to access the new annotation immediately after adding it.

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