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Allow developers to build a project without license

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If I have developers on my team who do not need to modify the charting or develop in it, but just need to build the project and debug. Is there a way for me to enable this? Right now we can’t build because of no license (understandable), but I assume buying a license just so they can build is perhaps not required?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Ajay, if you have developers on team who are debugging an application with SciChart but don’t have a license, then you’re in breach of our licensing terms. Please see the Licensing Terms here: and FAQ here: Best regards, Andrew
  • Ajay Sancheti
    Thank for your message Andrew, I understand. But just to be clear we have not breached the terms. I wasn’t too complete before, the GUI uses another DLL as a model and it is this model DLL they are testing. Currently they unload the GUI project from my solution (hence no breach of licensing terms) and test the model via writing unit tests. There are some aspects in the model I wanted them to test that are (more easily) initiated from a menu in the GUI. I was looking for a really simple solution which I thought would be if there was a way to build the same projects but without scicharts. Again, to be clear, not trying to circumvent a license but just not using the package it at all. I was picturing a switch which would would allow a proxy which implements the same interface but doesn’t do or display anything. Julia’s comment answered it for me. I can write unit tests which poke the GUI the way I want on my licensed machine. I was just hoping to delegate the task. Obviously this was always the right way to do it anyway, it’s just that the GUI is extremely simple and a thin wrapper on the model so I wasn’t going to spend too much time writing a unit testing harness on it. I guess I have to now.
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Hi Ajay,

Thank you for contacting.
SciChart is licenses per developer, and we define developer as ‘an individual who compiles, debugs and develops against code which references SciChart DLLs, Frameworks or AARs’
Anyone who does this will need to be licensed.

On the other hand you do not need licenses for the build server or testers. You may see more information here:

I hope that helps. If you have further requests about licensing on your team please contact sales though the ticket I will be glad to assist you further!

Best regards,
SciChart team

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