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We are pleased to announce SciChart v1.5.5 Build 1888 has been released. This is an important maintenance update which includes many fixes and some features requested in December 2012 and January 2013.

As of today, you will be able to download v1.5.5.1888 on our Downloads page. If you are a source code customer you should have received an email with updated package details. If not, please contact us!

SciChart v1.5.5.1888 Release What’s New

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved FastBandRenderableSeries.HitTest to include upper line as well as lower
  • RolloverModifier now works properly with BandSeries
  • Added UnsortedDataSeries – a new series type to allow X-Data out of order. Does not currently support Hit-Testing, Rollover and requires ResamplingMode = None
  • Added StrokeThickness to all series, OHLC, Candlestick, Column now natively support StrokeThickness > 1
  • Added optional Checkboxes to LegendControl to enable showing/hiding of series. See ChartLegends example for demonstration
  • Added CustomRenderableSeries, to allow you to create your own series types
  • Added AxisBase.AnimatedVisibleRange to allow you to animate to a visible range via databinding

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed moving adorner point of HorizontalLineAnnotation close to Y-Axis caused it to dissappear
  • Fixed TextAnnotation difficult to get focus
  • Fixed TextAnnotation should focus inner textbox after create
  • Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation dissappears on zooming
  • Fixed annotation becoming visible on redraw after calling Annotation.Hide()
  • Fixed rare condition where annotation drag markers lost focus during real-time updates
  • Fixed cannot deselect an annotation when ChartModifiers are used (as they steal focus)
  • Fixed AnnotationCreationModifier draws modifiers on N charts when used in a multi-pane chart


  • Fixed DataPointWidth = 1.0 still has gaps between columns in column chart
  • Fixed blurring for Candlesticks/OHLC when antialiasing is set to false. These chart types now obey AntiAliasing
  • Fixed TextFormatting getting shared across charts
  • Fixed RubberBandXyZoomModifier performs very slight zoom with ZoomExtentsY=false (it should leave YAxis alone)
  • Fixed regression bug – XyScatterRenderableSeries does not display first data point
  • Fixed Trade Markers zoom issue – line dissappears but markers remain when zooming
  • Fixed MouseWheelModifier doubles the zoom rate when MouseEventGroup used across charts
  • Fixed Cursor Labels do not update when mouse does not move but chart data changes
  • Fixed SciChartGroup resizing issue
  • Fixed Axis gridlines/text labels flickering intermittently when zooming or panning
  • Fixed gridlines flicker when SciChartSurface.RenderPriority=Low was used only under .NET4.5


  • Fixed intermittent IndexOutOfRangeException when using RolloverModifier in a real-time example
  • Fixed DataSeries.FindIndex bug condition when there is only one data-point in the series
  • Fixed ZoomExtents crashing when DataSet == null
  • Fixed extensive zooming leads to memory corruption crash
  • Fixed extremely high memory usage in RealTimePerformanceDemo
    • Related: Fixed examples suite showing wrong example when clicking from homepage
  • Fixed examples suite bug where IExampleAware.OnExampleExit was not called on any example with a viewmodel (so timers were not stopped etc)
  • Fixed rare race condition where XAxis.VisibleRange bindings didn’t update in some circumstances
  • Fixed race condition where chart wouldn’t update if you had a SciChartSurface.SeriesSource binding and the chart unloaded/loaded (e.g. when garbage collected in a tab control)


  • Fixed OverviewControl doesn’t autorange in Y-Axis when appending data to parent surface dataSeriesSet
  • Fixed OverviewControl dragging outside centre reticule induces blinking
  • Fixed OverviewControl central area dragging sensitive to zoom


  • Fixed Vs2012 designer reporting “Invalid License” when license is valid at runtime
  • Fixed trial license reporting invalid when compiling as x86 or x64 (not Any CPU)
  • Fixed issue where trial key extensions sometimes expired prematurely
  • Fixed license key parsing fails when Azerbaijani latin regional setting used

Examples and Tutorials

  • Updated Oscilloscope example to be realtime, have unsorted examples (e.g. Lissajous Plot, Fourier Series)
  • Oscilloscope and ECG examples both use AxisBase.AnimateVisibleRange property
  • Examples suite now displays version number, expiry date of license
  • Added new Tutorial – Synchronizing Mouse across Multi Pane Charts
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