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Announcing SciChart v1.6.0.2281! Features and Fixes

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We are pleased to announce SciChart v1.6.0 Build 2281 has been released. This is an important maintenance update which includes many fixes for bugs reported on our forums in February 2013 and March 2013.

As of today, you will be able to download v1.6.0.2281 on our Downloads page. If you are a source code customer you will receive an email with updated package detail shortly.

SciChart v1.6.0.2281 Release What’s New (10th Apr 2013)

Change Log

  • Added compilation output for x86, x64, AnyCPU for .NET4.0, 4.5 so you can now use SciChart in mixed managed/native applications without recompiling from source
  • Added SciChart DLLs now discoverable from Visual Studio Add-References Dialog without browsing to install directory
  • Added SciChartSurface RenderPriority.Manual option, where you can call SciChartSurface.InvalidateElement() manually to redraw after data-append
  • Added ZoomPanModifier.ZoomExtentsY property to enable/disable Y-Axis autorange when panning in X
  • Added ZoomExtentsModifier.XYDirection property
  • Added ClipMode.ClipAtMax for ZoomPanModifier to prevent panning past the end of the dataset
  • Added FastColumnRenderableSeries.UniformWidth property to assist with issue of column widths on variably spaced data
  • Added DataSeries.InsertRange() method
  • Added DataSeries.RemoveRange() method
  • Exposed SciChartOverview.BackgroundChartSurface property to access the inner SciChartSurface
  • Added Abt.Controls.SciChart.Wpf.dll and Abt.Controls.SciChart.SL.dll to the registry so it appears in Visual Studio Add References dialog
  • Fixed Numeric Precision issue where NumericAxis.VisibleRange was small, chart became blank (rendered no ticks)
  • Fixed FastBandRenderableSeries.IsDigitalLine band fill drawing anomaly
  • Added default Rollover Template for FastImpulseRenderableSeries
  • Fixed an issue databinding to DateTimeAxis.MinorDelta and MajorDelta
  • Fixed a Y=Const ZoomExtents issue
  • Fixed a ZoomExtents bug with DataSeries.RemoveAt()
  • Fixed AnnotationLabels don’t react on LabelPlacement changes
  • Fixed Call to Annotation.Hide() hides an annotaiton but labels become visible after invalidating
  • Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation LabelPlacement issues
  • Fixed discrepancy between Rollover Line Marker in Line & Scatter Chart
  • Fixed Surface parts Selection through Navigation Keys
  • Fixed incorrect XMinPositive value on DataSeries after append range of elements
  • Fixed a bug in ModifyAxisProperties example where calendar update resulted in a crash
  • Fixed a memory leak when adding/removing/re-adding annotations
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when Y=Const and we use RubberBandXyZoomModifier
  • Fixed Designer showing Your Trial has Expired even if a valid key is present
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