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Announcing SciChart v2.1.1.2921 Released!

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We are pleased to announce a stability update to SciChart: v2.1.1.2921. It is strongly recommended for people using SciChart v2.0 to upgrade to this version, since there are many critical fixes in this package.

Please head over to the downloads page, we have the MSI Installer and DLL only packages.

Note that the SciChart v2.1.1.2921 installer can now be installed side by side with v1.x of SciChart and in a directory of your choice

SciChart v2.1.1 What’s New?

API Changes (non breaking)

  • All RenderableSeries are no longer sealed so they may be inherited
  • All RenderableSeries.InternalDraw is now Protected Virtual and may be overridden

Installer Improvements

  • Fixed long standing bug where installer ignored custom install path
  • Allowed installer to install side by side with older versions
  • Fixed missing images in help file

SciChart Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Modifiers throw exceptions if axis changed
  • Fixed exception thrown by the Rollover when used with stacked series type
  • Fixed cannot change the background colour via GridLinesPanelStyle
  • Fixed VerticalChartGroup, Axis on the left are incorrectly aligned
  • Fixed VerticalChartGroup, updating YAxis VisibleRange does not resize axis
  • Fixed AxisAlignment does not work if property was set before axis was loaded
  • Fixed Modifiers inside a TabControl throws
  • Improved performance of SeriesValueModifier by recycling AxisMarkerAnnotations as series are rendered
  • Fixed clipping issue where line series disappears if the X-Datatype is Int, Long, Short, UInt (etc) and the user zooms in close
  • Fixed Impulse Chart example, Point markers are not filled
  • Fixed HitTest not returning XyzSeriesInfo when used with an XyzDataSeries
  • Fixed PointMarkerTemplate property not showing when used with old PointMarker Syntax (so upgrading should require no change)
  • Fixed RolloverModifier throws when InterpolatedMode used
  • Fixed Annotations.IsHidden issue where annotations could not be shown
  • Fixed a bug where XyzDataSeries Z values were used when calculating AutoRange in Y-Direction
  • Fixed regression bug, Rollover labels can move out of bands, labels overlap occasionally
  • Fixed ThemeManager – zoom on mountain series causes a colour change (High Quality Rasterizer only)
  • Fixed AxisLabel dissappears when cursor is over rollover marker
  • Fixed Drag Horizontal Threshold example – annotation line can be dragged outside the chart and not back
  • Fixed SciTrader example crashes on start from time to time
  • Fixed issue where rollover labels are sometimes left on a surface
  • Fixed some clipping issues with HQ and HS renderers
  • Fixed RolloverMarkers dissappear if the line of bandseries which is hit-tested goes out of the viewport
  • Fixed binding to FontSize for SciChartSurface.TitleText
  • Fixed line drawing when NaN is inserted and Closed Lines flag is set in high quality renderer
  • Fixed crash in SeriesValueModifier where RenderableSeries have no values
  • Fixed memory leak in SeriesValueModifier, where _myAxisMarkers collection was never cleared
  • Fixed issue where DataSeries.SuspendUpdates() did not lock the renderer on the parent surface, resulting in flicker if the DataSeries was cleared/refilled during the suspend/resume block
  • Improved FastLineRenderableSeries.StrokeDashArray behaviour, no longer dependent on number of points in the line

New Examples

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