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Announcing SciChart v2.2 Hotfix (Nov 3rd)

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We are pleased to announce a stability update to SciChart. Version 2.2 Build 3322 includes many fixes and improvements for issues which you have reported on the forums over the past 6 weeks.

Please see the changelog below. It is recommended to update to the latest version if you are experiencing one of the issues listed below:

2.2.3322 3rd November 2013: HOTFIX


  • Made DateTimeAxis.GetTickCalculator() virtual so you can override ticks generated by this axis
  • Added ability to use OverviewControl with Logarithmic or multiple X Axis

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Cursor property overriding in source code (reported by users)
  • Fixed an exception raised during the offscreen rendering and BrightSpark theme is used
  • Fixed memory leak caused by _updateSuspender in SciChartSurface if disposed before Load
  • Fixed bug when the same RenderableSeries could be added twice via SeriesSource (caused exception with Rollover)
  • Fixed issue with log messages if WhyDoesNotSciChartIsRendered=”False”
  • Fixed Labels and Ticks are mixed up on left-aligned axis if large FontSize
  • Fixed the issue when ticks disappeared on left-aligned axis
  • Fixed BandSeries issue, when first band is filled incorrectly
  • Fixed BandSeries issues with CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed StackedSeries bug with CategoryDateTimeAxis if it contains gaps
  • Fixed runtime failure when Overview is used for a chart with multiple X Axes
  • Fixed a bug in AxisBase which prevented VisibleRange binding between charts in an ItemsControl
  • Fixed a bug where High Quality Render Surface did not show a license expired message to users whose support subscription has run out
  • Fixed bug in TimeSpanRange.ToString() changed default formatting string
  • Fixed critical performance issue introduced since v2.2 which occurs when using RolloverModifier / CursorModifier and large datasets
  • Fixed an Exception where Overview Control is used with a chart with Multiple XAxis
  • Fixed Stacked Series bug with CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed Bug with SeriesSelectionModifier where it occassionally overwrote local styles on the RenderableSeries


So, what else are we working on?

We will be updating you soon with our roadmap for SciChart v2.5 (due before end of the year) and SciChart v3.0 (Due in 2014). We don’t want to give too much away at this time but we’re excited to be continually innovating and improving our charting product and we aim to deliver many of the recurrent feature requests that you have been asking for.

We are also working towards an iterative re-write of the core of SciChart to improve overall speed, with a bold target. As always we prioritise based on user-input so if you have a request for us, or wish to steer our development direction, do let us know.

Also there are many exciting changes coming to the website soon, which will enable you to get the excellent support you have come to expect in a more efficient package for us to administer it.

More to be announced soon!

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