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Aspect ratio for 3D chart

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Is is possible to have a fixed aspect ratio for a 3D chart? I have found suggestions for 2D charts but not 3D. I want the X,Y,Z axes to all scale the same despite having different visible ranges. This means that the lengths of the axis should be different.

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Hi Myles,

Thanks for your inquiry.
This can be achieved by setting the WorldDimensions property. Please take a look at the “Setting the WorldDimensions Property” section of the following documentation for more info:

Hope this helps.

With best regards,

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Hi Oleksandr,

unfortunately this is not the case for:

Camera3D.ProjectionMode=”Orthogonal” .

In this case even if I set WorldDimensions=”400,400,400″ and set Camera on the top of the chart:

<sci3D:Camera3D x:Name="Camera3D"  PrectionMode="Orthogonal" OrbitalPitch="90" OrbitalYaw="90" .../>

I expect to get the square XZ surface. This is unfortunately is not the case, the surface is distorted to fit the above container. Using :

HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"

also doesn’t help.

How to get the square XZ surface which keeps the aspect ratio when being zoomed with the WPF window?

SciChart for WPF version


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